PMD Workflow Store



In order to register the workflow in the PMD workflow store, the file meta.json is required. The file includes the essential metadata. The keys and their possible values are listed in the following table:

Key Requirement Description
title Mandatory the Label of the workflow
workflow_environment Mandatory pyiron or SimStack
description Mandatory the description of the workflow
authors Mandatory a list of authors' names and optional their email addresses e.g. ["Author One", "Author Two"]
release Mandatory version information of the release
keywords Mandatory a list of keywords for the workflow (From a list of available keywords, making it possible to be queried via Ontology)
categories Optional a list of categories, e.g., atomistics, continuum, experimental
steps/codes Optional a list of steps/codes, e.g., LAMMPS, DAMASK, calculation of elastic modulus
licenses Optional a dictionary where the keys are the packages used in the workflow and the values are the corresponding license type.
e.g. 'pyiron':'BSD-3'
publications Optional a list of publications
logo Optional path to the logo of the workflow within the repository